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The use of ESO-CSA and ESO-CRS project outcomes result from various perspectives.
The gained competences of employees in a SME can be confirmed by using this recognition process independent from how they were gained. The system has been set up so that the typical practice-orientated activity areas can be modularly combined where the recognition of complex vocational activity competences is possible.
Vocational certification assessors can develop a new business area based on the recognition of acquired competences. A cost efficient recognition process can be made available due to this internet-based solution and the resulting high level of efficiency in the administration. The above-mentioned points make a commercialization of this platform possible.
A standardized and recognized European wide competence certification makes it possible for educational institutions and educational service providers to offer educational opportunities which help to connect competence vacancies.
The partners of these projects are educational institutions as well as educational service providers. As they work as developers in this ESO-CSA project they are also possible certification assessors or provider of the competence recognition in their own country.

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