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Basic proinciples of competence certification for managers and specialists in European companies

The certificates for management competencies are subject to the same standards in all European countries. The certificates are launched within the economic area of the European Union and are awarded according to common certification regulations. They confirm that the holder possesses management competencies of a certain level in certain specialist areas, which have been defined for all European countries. It is not important how the candidate has acquired these competencies. In order to guarantee transparency and acceptance, the certification processes comply with the norms of personnel certification. This means that consulting, further education, and certification are strictly separated. The certificate validates the individual competencies of the candidate. The candidate is recommended to attend courses prior to the assessment, although this is not required in order to take the examination. In contrast to the norms of personnel certification, the candidate does not have to repeat the examination in order to maintain the certificate. The CEMES certificates (CErtification Management competences European System) are valid indefinitely.
There are three types of European Management Certificates (EMC), which reflect the typical tasks of a manager in small and medium-sized companies. The certificates are issued after the candidate has passed the assessment. There is the EMC-FM for process-oriented management, the EMC-FM for commercial competencies, and the EMC Master which contains all the competencies a successful manager of an SME should possess. The competencies correspond to the typical skills required to successfully lead a company or a part of a company. The certificate does not include any specialist competencies such as knowledge of electrical engineering, which the technical manager of an electrical engineering company needs. The certificate focuses on general processes and management operations from a manager’s point of view.

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