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The CEMES Method is based on three EU projects:

Project ESO-CSA                            
Project-No: D/04/B/F/PP-116 207

Certification of competences in selected specialist areas in small and medium-sized companies

Start: 10/2004     End: 09/2007

Project ESO-CERT                          
Using the method of standardized competence verification and certification in a credit point system for vocational training – an approach for the integration of the ECVET
Start: 03/2007   End:  02/2008
Project ESO-CRS                            
Project-No: DE/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/147050

The CEMES Procedure Demo-Tour

Creation of an internet-based and scaelable solution for the evaluation and assessment of knowledge of competences - for the recognition of competences that have been aquired through no-formal and informal learning

Start: 10/2007    End: 10/2009

Within the scope of the following projects the CEMES method is applied or developed:

Project CEMES-Partnership                 
Project-No: 2009-1-DE2-LEO04-01691

Start: 08/2009     End: 08/2011

Use and dissemination of results of projects ESO-CSA and ESO-CRS

Project M-ECVET-S
Project-No: DE/09/LLP-LdV/TOI/147251

Start: 09/2009     End: 09/2011

Development and test of modular ECVET system  in further education

Project E-Rubber 
Project-No.: LLP-LDV-TOI-2009-SI-22/09-1057

Computer based method for evaluation of non-formal knowledge in the area of rubber industry in Slovenia
Start: 11/2009                            End: 10/2011

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